Successful equity investment requires the vision to see potential wherever it may be. At Standard Life Investments, our Focus on Change approach identifies a broad, unbiased opportunity set of stock ideas. With $67.6 billion* in equities under management and a long history of active management, our clients benefit from:

  • Bottom-up portfolio construction, prioritizing stock level insights, with high active share
  • An established track record in global, regional, emerging market and single country strategies
  • Customized strategies designed to meet client return objectives
  • Dedicated ESG and Impact Investing expertise

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*Source: Standard Life Investments, as at 31/12/2016
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Case Studies

Collaborative investment decision - Opportunity on the radar [4:42]

Collaborative investment decision - Filtering the connection [4:43]

Collaborative investment decision - Seeking bright performance in retail [3:32]

Collaborative investment decision - When things change us [4:43]

The purpose of these videos is to explain Standard Life Investments collaborative investment decision making process – the stocks named are to illustrate that process and should not be construed as past or present recommendations.

As a leading global investment house, we take our responsibility as an investor seriously. At Standard Life Investments, Responsible Investment encompasses the research, analysis and engagement work on social and environmental issues affecting our clients' investments. Learn more about our approach and dedicated team of professionals.