Standard Life Investments’ Euro vision

15 April 2013

Standard Life Investments, the Global Fund Manager, today announced that due to client demand, it has registered some of its most successful SICAV funds in France, Belgium and Italy.

The new registrations widen Standard Life Investments’ distribution footprint in the European institutional and wholesale markets to 14 countries, and allows French, Belgian and Italian investors to access funds such as the award-winning Global Absolute Returns Strategies SICAV (GARS), European Corporate Bond SICAV, and Global High Yield Bond SICAV.

Jennifer Richards, Co-Head of European Business, Standard Life Investments, said:

Jennifer Richards

"Standard Life Investments is serious about expanding globally and committed to Europe. We registered in Switzerland last year, expanded our German team at the start of the year, and have a Real Estate team based in Paris, so this was a natural progression for our European business.

"We already have a number of segregated and semi-institutional clients from these three countries investing in our SICAV range, but by expanding our network, this allows their private clients to invest in our funds, and we can now accept investments from an increasing European investor base – 14 countries in total.

"Whilst we are known in Europe for Fixed income, especially the European Corporate Bond Fund, our GARS fund has grown in popularity and is resonating with investors across Europe who seek long-term equity-like returns but with lower levels of volatility.

"This is just the start of our distribution in France, Belgium and Italy and we hope to add funds to the range offered there next year, building on our success in Europe."

Standard Life Investments’ SICAV funds already have public distribution status in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, the UK, Switzerland and Spain.