Standard Life Investments improves voting transparency

06 December 2012

Standard Life Investments, the global investment manager, has announced a change to its voting transparency, whereby the company will now disclose its voting record within two weeks of the relevant month end, instead of the current disclosure which is three months in arrears.

Commenting on the change in policy, Alison Kennedy, Governance & Stewardship Director, Standard Life Investments, said:

“In line with our commitment to the Stewardship Code, we have improved our transparency on UK and European voting disclosure. Moving from disclosure three months in arrears to within two weeks of the month end, is in line with our desire to be more open and accountable to our clients and to meet industry best-practice standards. It is also indicative of the increased interest our clients have in such issues. To that end, we will continue to provide explanatory notes on our website which provide colour on our votes against and abstentions.”

In the UK and Europe, Standard Life Investments is now voting at over 1,000 shareholder meetings per annum and, in doing so, seeks to vote their clients’ shares in a manner consistent with their best interests.

Details of Standard Life Investments’ voting record can be found here