Standard Life Investments

Press Release

Sustainable Earnings replaces Sustainable Yield

03  October  2013

Standard Life Investments, the global investment manager, has announced that its House View is more confident about the economic backdrop into 2014 and advocates a move towards sustainable earning growth within client portfolios.

In the latest edition of Global Outlook, the House View highlights that during the last quarter financial markets have been affected by four major issues; an improvement in forward looking business cycle indicators in the developed markets, the pricing in of the Fed’s potential exit from its quantitative easing program, efforts by the Chinese authorities to stabilise the economy, and a revival of political and geopolitical risks. The net result has been a decisive shift towards developed market assets, which has supported Standard Life Investments’ House View performance.

Andrew Milligan, Head of Global Strategy, Standard Life Investments said:

Andrew Milligan

"Our portfolios are slowly becoming more cyclical. There are still yield opportunities which should be sought in a world of low interest rates – after all both the ECB and MPC have announced forward guidance. Nevertheless, the economic cycle is expected to become more positive into 2014; the key issue is the ability of companies to drive forward profits growth.

"In broad terms, the House View is Heavy in equity and in real estate, Neutral in Credit and Cash, and Light in Government Bonds. Within fixed income assets, it prefers higher yielding credit to investment grade or government bonds. Within equity markets, it favours the US, and to a lesser extent Japan and the UK to Europe and emerging markets.

"Japan continues to be examined carefully in the House View, as its performance could have a material impact on portfolios. The market has priced in the new monetary and fiscal policies of the Abe government, and eagerly awaits good or bad news on the structural reforms and associated tax announcements which the government is considering."