Standard Life Investments

Investment process

We identify investment opportunities for GARS by harvesting the highest-conviction ideas of all our asset management teams, covering equities, corporate and government bonds, global strategy, commercial real estate, currencies and interest rates.

GARS Investment Process

Idea generation

Our multi-asset managers conduct their own rigorous analysis in the search for profitable investment ideas. They use our distinctive Focus on Change investment philosophy to establish the key factors driving asset prices and the dynamics behind those factors.

The multi-asset investing team also draws on the insights and expertise of all our asset class specialists, discussing issues and ideas to identify those offering the greatest opportunity. This collaborative approach provides us with many, diverse investment ideas. It also allows us to make well-informed investment decisions and fully exploit our highest conviction investment themes.

Strategy selection

Within the multi-asset investing team, the Strategic Investment Group is responsible for assessing, debating and approving proposed strategies for GARS. Approval of a strategy is based on three criteria:

  • conviction in its return potential
  • its effectiveness in mitigating risk
  • its liquidity and scalability.

Once implemented, each strategy is regularly monitored and reviewed, to ensure its continued suitability for inclusion in the portfolio.


To implement strategies, GARS is able to use all conventional market instruments, including derivatives, provided these offer clear, regular pricing and good liquidity.