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Our real estate team

We know that our ability to generate superior investment performance rests on the exceptional quality of our people. That’s why we work hard to recruit and retain the brightest and most committed professionals in the industry. In total, we employ more than 120 dedicated real estate professionals that provide expertise in all aspects of commercial real estate investment.

Our scale allows us to maintain an array of specialist, in-house real estate capability. This includes areas such as research & strategy, development, asset management, product finance & structuring, credit management, treasury, socially responsible investment, health & safety, building services engineering, accounts, insurance and marketing. These areas help us add value at each stage of the investment process – a benefit that other real estate investment managers cannot necessarily offer.

In addition, we take a collaborative approach to real estate investment. Input from experts in our equity, fixed income, global strategy and multi-asset teams augments our own analysis of real estate markets. We believe this shared insight provides a more rounded view of the global economy and ultimately helps generate an information advantage over our competitors. It also allows us to be responsive to change and identify investment opportunities that will add value for clients.


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