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Our research capability

We devote significant resources to real estate research and were one of the first institutions in Europe to set up a dedicated real estate research team in 1990. The team, headed by Anne Breen, now comprises five analysts, with specific regional research responsibilities, and a portfolio strategist. The team offers a breadth and depth of experience that is unparalleled across Europe. Team members combine their specialist knowledge to give an overall view on the key market drivers and provide insights and recommendations to the portfolio managers. Furthermore, we take on the research recommendations of our global strategy, equity and fixed income teams to build an overall picture of the environment for real estate.

We believe our dynamic research process allows us to identify key turning points in real estate cycles. This process underpins our detailed global return forecasts which form the backbone of the real estate House View. The forecasts and House View are reviewed at least quarterly. These are built on the insight of the analysts closely monitoring market triggers, along with the on-the-ground experience of our portfolio managers. The Real Estate House View drives asset allocation across direct and listed real estate, indirect private vehicles and derivatives.

Anne Breen

Anne Breen

Head of Real Estate Research & Strategy

Anne manages the output of one of Europe’s leading real estate research teams at Standard Life Investments. The team’s activities include forecasting UK, European, Asian and North American real estate markets. Her team provides input for all our real estate strategies and produces regular real estate market insights, including contributions to our industry-leading publications Global Outlook.


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